Alyse Parfum




A study in womanhood, Alyse Parfum offers feminine scents inspired by centuries of traditional French perfumery. Blending exquisite fragrance notes with luxurious absolutes, we explore many aspects of the feminine spirit—charm, strength, dignity, and mystery—to fluidly evoke both classic sensuality and modern strength. Our perfumes warm with the heat of the body and blend with your personal scent to create a custom fragrance that evolves with you.


"A woman’s life is beautiful and should be celebrated. I created Alyse Parfum to do just that: celebrate the strength, intelligence, independence, femininity and sensuality of women. Wearing a fragrance is a small way to honor ourselves and all our many emotions and desires. 

As a mommy to a little girl, I have a strong passion to effect change and realize the importance of uplifting women and our place in this world. That’s why Alyse gives back: to support women in their pursuit of happiness and wholeness. Together, we can be the role models our daughters deserve and empower future generations to strive for greatness. "

Kendra Alyse, Founder


We believe in the power and potential of women, which is why we design empowering scents that celebrate femininity. Moved by the mission of uplifting women with everything we do, we contribute a portion of our sales to organizations that support women in need.

Alyse Parfum products are Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free and Vegan. We uphold the highest standards when developing our products. We never test on animals.




Face Forward

Dedicated to supporting and nurturing vulnerable women, we proudly donate a portion of our sales to Face Forward, a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence overcome physical reminders of their trauma.

Face Forward works with community leaders around the nation to identify victims of violence who are working toward recovery and who carry lingering physical evidence of past abuse. It is with the support of organizations like Alyse Parfum that Face Forward is able to provide high quality medical relief pro bono and perform an average of two treatments a month for women in need.


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