Alyse Perfume, a luxurious perfume brand designed exclusively for women. With a focus on capturing the essence of femininity and sophistication, Luminous Femme offers a range of fragrances that exude elegance and confidence. Each scent is carefully crafted using premium ingredients to deliver a long-lasting and memorable experience. Perfect for any occasion, Luminous Femme is the ultimate choice for women who demand nothing but the best.

  • I’ve always been sensitive to smells which has made me develop a love of fragrances and always wanting everything to smell good, including myself. I love perfumes and especially one that reminds me of specific times in my life. When I ordered some of Alyse Parfum and received a sample of pink moment, I immediately knew I had to buy the full bottle. It has such a nostalgic fragrance to me. It is soft and powerful at the same time. It’s my new favourite. Plus Pink is my favourite color, so it was meant to be.

    - Michele P. 

  • For me, Alyse Parfum line embodies and evokes the multi-faceted nature of a woman. Unique, free-spirited, powerful, and beautiful. 

    For the weekend my go to is Pink Moment. And during my busy work week as an attorney, Coquette for the Fall/Winter and Cheri for the Spring/Summer. 

    From the courtroom to Sunday Brunch to Summers in the Hamptons & It’s vineyards Alyse Parfum is always with me.

    - Sheena B.

  • I don’t know how to explain it, but when I wear Alyse Parfum I feel EMPOWERED it’s like putting on that dress or outfit that fits you just right!

    You know that feelings?

    Well, That’s what happens when I wear Alyse Parfum from the sweet smells of Pink Moment to the sexy blends of Cheri and Coquette. I have been asked many times may I ask what you’re wearing?

    - Dianne R.

  • My first introduction to Alyse Parfum was while on Vacation in Mayakoba. I remember walking into the gift shop where a customer had just sprayed the parfum, and thought what an amazing fragrance. I then immediately had to have my wife try it on, she loved it, and has now worn it ever since (3+yrs). Coquette is a very elegant fragrance which I keep my wife stocked with.

    -Ron G.

  • Jo Anne J.

    Can a parfum lift your mood? For me yes! When I spray on Chéri I feel light and all is good. The first time I wore Chéri I walked into the other room and my husband smiled brightly and exclaimed ‘Wow. You smell good’. That is literally the truth!