About Alyse Parfum & Founder, Kendra Alyse Bollenbach

Alyse Parfum honors the art and sensuality of womanhood. Lush scents inspired by the feminine spirit - her charm, strength, dignity and mystery - carry exquisite fragrance notes blended from luxurious absolutes that evoke your inner power. Inspired by a rich history of traditional French perfumery, our parfums enhance and celebrate the modern woman's natural beauty. We believe in the power and potential of every woman. When you celebrate your femininity with Alyse Parfum, you are sharing your power with others. All our fragrances are phthalate free, paraben free and animal cruelty free. We only use the highest quality oils one can find.

“Fragrances that Empower”

Voluptuous and lush, Alyse Parfum are rich fragrances that combine classic absolutes with contemporary appeal. Carefully blended and balanced, our fragrances' femininity emboldens you to explore your sensuality, magnetism, and mystery as it softens into the skin.

About our Founder:

Kendra Alyse began her dance journey at the tender age of 3, Kendra's dedication and progression in the art form were evident as the years unfolded, ultimately leading her down the path to a professional dance career. At 18, Kendra embarked on her professional dance venture. Her passion for various genres of dance had been cultivated from an early age, and this fervor propelled her towards a successful and globally-spanning dance career.

Commencing in Atlantic City and culminating with her final bow in Las Vegas, Kendra's dance odyssey exposed her to diverse experiences. Throughout her career, she collaborated with esteemed choreographers and producers within the industry. Often taking center stage as a featured performer, she also undertook roles as a co-producer and co-choreographer for "Burlesque The Show" in Las Vegas.

Following her illustrious years in the world of professional dance, Kendra realized that the creation of Alyse Parfum offered another outlet for her artistic expression. This realization was a natural evolution, given her enduring fondness for fragrances. Her affinity for scents, coupled with the deep symbolism that Alyse Parfum represents, as mentioned in the prior Alyse Parfum Bio, reinforced the authentic nature of this endeavor.

Alyse Parfum encapsulates the essence of womanhood, exuding qualities of femininity, intelligence, sensuality, and confidence. Kendra's belief in the beauty of a woman's life and her conviction that such beauty should be celebrated found its manifestation in the creation of Alyse Parfum. The fragrance line stands as a tribute to these remarkable attributes that define women. Kendra ardently holds that adorning oneself with a fragrance is a small yet profound gesture of self-honor, encompassing the entirety of a woman's emotions and desires.